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She always was on his mind.

Why was that, anyway? She wasn't particularly beautiful. She wasn't even very normal; she didn't think the way he did. He relished in normality, drank it in like the air he breathed, and he choked on wisps of oddity.

Odd? Is that what she was? Well, no, not exactly. That's not quite the word. Unique, no, there are bound to be others like her. Somewhere, even though he doubted he would ever meet someone that took the word to its boundaries as she did.

Perhaps, could one call her abnormal? That word's a worse fit; it makes her seem like a ghost or a witch rather than a girl like her.

Atypical, Bizarre, idiosyncratic, peculiar, God damn it! All these words meant nothing! They showed nothing. He loved words and yet they will never be able to anything for him here, in this instance they are the most useless thing in the word.  They can't embody anything of importance, nothing whatsoever.

What was the point of cornering himself in his mind like this...he was tying himself up broken tapes of memory and it was absolutely suffocating.

Suffocation, the feeling he felt when he was near her. He could blame it on the perfume she used to wear or on the smoke emitted from the stove when she attempted to make him lunch. It was more than suffocation, his chest would collapse on itself and his heart would beat like a drummer that had too much coffee.

She was so irritating! Did she know this terrible thing she did to him? She would laugh at him! She probably found this hilarious. Curse her. Damn her back to wherever she came from, whether she be angel or demon it made no difference.

Her red hair was like blood and would drip through his thoughts like it's likelihood. She wrapped herself around his mind and made her home there.

Beautiful, oh God was she beautiful.  Beyond beautiful. Her face was nothing. Her appearance was nothing, it meant nothing to him and never would. It was her smile that was beautiful. Not red lips or bright teeth, but the simplistic sparkle in her eyes shone likes the soul residing in that normal body, the most beautiful thing of all.

And when she left, for all that time as she was gone he wished to see her again. She was the only thing for him, the only thing that was ever there for him. The only person who would ever hold him if he were to cry.  The only one, the only one.

If he were to tell her these things would she love him?

Would a girl such as her ever put aside those dreams of hers for a person like him?


"Hey.." A voice, her voice, gentle. A hand on his shoulder, gentle. " You've been quiet for half an hour, I was getting seriously worried." She pulled on his cheek as he opened his eyes.
He looked at her slowly.
No. No, she would never put aside her dreams for him. She would never...

"Don't you dare worry me like that, ever." She grabbed his left hand, the only one he had left. "I already have put everything at stake as I'm here with you."

Where was he? A tent? She leaned over him in a woman's army uniform as she replaced the gauze on his legs.

..She had already given up her dreams for him. That's the only reason she'd ever be here, a girl like her with a light heart only could bear the sight of blood for so long without a reason to stay.
She must be crazy, to have fallen in love with him in a tumultuous, nightmarish place such as this.

That's what she was, crazy. Beyond crazy.

A  woman like her, exactly what he needed when he was trapped in a place like this.
And he realized, he was not normal, he was just as crazy as her, to have fallen so madly in love with her in a place like this.

He smiled as he closed his eyes once more. Perhaps he could wait here just a bit longer. Just a bit longer, before returning to hell.
Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Student Artist
Very nice story of a soldier's perspective in a hospital :D
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