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I decided to man up and talk to my mom about it, which made me feel a lot better xD Another friend gave some good advice on what to say, which was a big help since pretty much all my mom said was "Meh, you should wait for him to dump you I guess. Oh and you have to return that necklace. I really don't know anything because I was always friendzoned. Like seriously, I would introduce myself to a guy and BAM! FRIENDZONE! So I have no bloody idea." *Actual fucking quote* so that didn't help AT ALL, advice-wise xDD But it made me laugh xD

I just needed to get that rant off my chest, y'know? Sorry for pestering you guys with it xD

I'm gonna make a joinme later. I don't know whether to draw:
*Adventure time
*Phineas and ferb
*Gravity falls
*Other orignal shit that you don't give a damn about lol

So I'll post another journal later about that (IT'LL BE THE LAST ONE I SWEAR IT SRSLY OAO)

Oh and in other news
I kept my sister up last night

So she was talking about how she and her friends were goofing around and said 'Stan' was both a cool and a funny name that rhymed with a lot of things.
so for the next hour I said things like
"I would like a STAN of tuna"
"How STAN-tastic"
"I'm your biggest STAN."

and it was quite interesting actually

and then I trolled her/ insulted her endlessly

I was all
"God made you because he wanted to laugh at how ugly someone is trolololol"
"That's what she said >U>"
and other retarded immature shit
and 99% of the time her response was "i hate you" but the best variations go to:
"I hate you more than everyone hates YOUR FACE Ooooo! BURN! Shyeah."
"I hate you with the burning passion of one million solar systems ON FIRE because their suns exploded."

...we act drunk




if you saw us you'd think we were drunk or something.

I can't even remember half of what we said

maybe we were drunk
But I seriously doubt it since she's like 10 or some shit-
excuse me- 11 and 3/4 she will never forgive me if I make that mistake again
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Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student Artist
Rants are always good to get things off of your chest. Hope you resolve the issue :hug:
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