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School omfg i hate itttt
and I hate having to make my own food
My diet is... pretty much cup ramen,(lolfeellikenaruto) carrots, apples and bread...anddd...I'm pretty much out of the last three xD being a poor student sucks. Mmm, my dinner tonight...ramen, water and carrots... alright xD
It's a good thing I like ramen and have enough to pay for it :/

So, sorry I've been dead on here xD I finally have some free time tonight :"D So I'll get those requests done. And work on a manga I'm writing (not the romance one, a different one I've been working on since mid-august that you guys don't know about yet really...because I've pretty much been dA dead XDDD)

I've been completely LOADEDDDD with schoolwork. So I'm not gonna be on much except on weekends and some days here and there, when I don't have craploads of essays due :/

Oh btw my hair's red-purple naow. So yea. I've been letting it grow since I got it bob-like in like march so it's like shoulder length now cuz my hair grows fast xD I got it layered C:

It's gonna rain/ storm later so I might be forced offline :(

Here's the link to the joinme btw, I'll draw an ID probably and do a request for someone and I might start on Matt's request ( he asked after the other person)

OMfgggg I'm tired. I've been up since 5:30 and I stayed up til midnight last night and kept getting woken up :PP
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  • Eating: Cake which is a lie.
  • Drinking: Boston cooler *O* Good butterbiscuits. :'D
Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Student Artist
Lol, school sucks xD
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September 13, 2012


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